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  1. Even tan without tan lines.
  2. Protection against the negative UVA effects of the sunlight.
  3. Preservation of the skin: photo-aging prevention.
  4. Breathable fabric - dries up in minutes.
  5. Longevity: our swimwear does not fade or lose color.
  6. Environment-friendly.
  7. Individually handcrafted.

Allow yourself to enjoy the sun and the sea fully in an incredibly stylish and practical swimsuit!

An effortless strapless style for a free look and feel, this KID's girl's Closed Back One-piece with sleeves is light and comfortable. And its almost instantly dries up!

It is much easier to protect the delicate skin of your child with a durable swimsuit than with the repetitive application of a harmful cream. Smart swimwear with long sleeves, and in some models a hood, protect the sensitive skin of shoulders and neck areas most exposed to the sunlight. Nevertheless, the swimsuits do not block the UV rays entirely, therefore the absorption of vitamin D is not disturbed.
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