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  1. Even tan without tan lines.
  2. Protection against the negative UVA effects of the sunlight. 
  3. Preservation of the skin: photo-aging prevention. 
  4. Breathable fabric - dries up in minutes. 
  5. Longevity: our swimwear does not fade or lose color. 
  6. Environment-friendly. 
  7. Individually handcrafted.

Allow yourself to enjoy the sun and the sea fully in an incredibly stylish and practical swimsuit!
Get an even tan without tan lines
SPF 35
Dries quickly
How it works
Save the planet

Get an even tan without tan lines

Our Philosophy — responsible attitude towards the planet Earth and the well-being of human health.

Smart swimsuits are made of an innovative fabric that acts as a sunscreen with the

SPF 35

The coincidence is not an accidental one. Our aim is to encourage the reduction of the amounts of sunscreen applied to the skin that gets washed away by water into the ocean every year. 

Apart from being arguably ineffective in some cases, sunscreen has negative effects on the flora and fauna of the deep blue waters as well as on the health of human beings. 
Smart Swimsuits let approximately 70% of UV rays through which allows sufficient protection from sunburn. Special attention is given to the protection to the chest and shoulders areas. 

Most of our styles are constructed to cover the sensitive skin of the neckline, shoulders and arms that are usually most prone to sunburn. 

The built in UVA protection is enough to save you from the undesirable effects of being in the sun and provide you with an even tan. 

Dries quickly

Serves the purpose for both hygiene and comfort: considerably less time spent in a wet swimsuit, no need to change clothes to stay dry.

How it works

The fabric consists of thousands of tiny holes (pores) that are intertwined with each other and let the sun rays through. Due to this function, smart swimsuits provide the same protection level from the sun, as the medium SPF sunscreen. If you apply SPF35 sunscreen to the open areas of the body, you will get a smooth and soft tan all over your body.

In addition, this fabric feels more comfortable on the body, allows the skin to breathe and dries faster than its usual counterparts. You can stay on the beach longer, your skin will not burn, blush or eventually peel off, there will be no redness or pain. Swimsuits are not transparent, because we work prints carefully, so that they visually create a dense fabric effect.

Save the planet

Chemicals like oxybenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate found in these creams contribute to the extinction of corals in the resort areas and around. 

Each swimsuit replaces several bottles of sunscreen cream. While the amount may seem insignificant, on the larger scale, it is capable of making a big difference. Having in mind that every year Planet Earth is exposed to the quantity of around 10000 tons of sunscreen lotions only by water, every bottle that could be done without counts. 

Similarly, our skin – the largest organ of our body – absorbs about two kilograms of chemicals a year from various cosmetic products. High concentration of the same oxybenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate in blood is one of the causes of cell damage and skin cancer.
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